Český pohár 2016 (5th race of Czech Cup 2016) & INOV-8 CUP – Ranking A 2016 (5th race)
Ranking B – Moravia (5th race), Czech Ranking 2016,
Czech Veterans’ Cup 2016
Ranking Haná – Spring 2016 (7th race)  & Open Race for Public

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2016

Český svaz orientačních sportů, sekce orientačního běhu (Czech Union of  Orienteering Sports, section of Foot Orienteering)

Organizer: Orientační Běh Opava (Opava Orienteering)

Event Center: Černá Voda, West of Silesia

Competition Type:
Day individual competition in orienteering, long, interval start. Estimated time of winners according to the Czech Competition Code.

Event center, Saturday, May 28, 2016 12:00 – 13:30, Sunday, May 29, 2016 8 – 9:00 o‘clock.

Parking: Marked areas within 700m from event center, follow organizers‘ instructions.

D/H10C, D/H12C, D/H14BC, H/D16ABC, H/D18ABC, D/H20AB, D/H21EABC, D/H35BC, D/H40B, D/H45BC, D/H50B, D/H55BC, D/H60B, D/H65BC, D/H70B, D/H75B, H80B, HDR, P

Until May 8, 2016, in the Czech Orienteering Registration System „ORIS“, see; unregistered and foreigners at an e-mail at (electronic entry valid only after you have received a confirmation e-mail as a response). After May 8, 2016, entries possible only up to scheduled vacancies for a double starting fee.

Starting Fee:
Categories D/H10C, D/H12C, D/H14C, HDR, P … 50 Czk
Categories D/H16C, D/H18C, D/H35C, D/H45C, D/H55C, H65C … 80 Czk
Categories D/H14B … 100 Czk
Categories D/H60B, D/H65B, D/H70B, D/H75B, H80B … 130 Czk
Categories D/H21EABCK, D/H16A, D/H18A, D/H20A … 200 Czk
Other categories180 CzkLending SI chip … 40 Czk

All payments shall be wire transferred to “Komercni banka a.s.”, account number: 86-6957020267/0100, IBAN: CZ6401000000866957020267, account owner: “Orientacni beh Opava”, bank fees shall be borne by sender. Please have a confirmation of your payment ready at the registration.

Parking – Center  … 700 m
Center – Start within  … 2000 m
Center – Finish  … 0 m

Kaltenštejn 2016 (1:10000, E = 5m); map making by Martin Kratochvíl, Zdeněk Sokolář, as of April 2016, map key ISOM 2000; size A3, all maps waterproof.

Waved stony slope, thickets, mixed visibility and runnability, medium density of paves, elevation 750-975 meters above sea level.

Start 00: 10:00 o‘clock

Electronic Sportident system, one SI card may not be used twice. Provided you require SI rent, mention it in your entry. Any SI card losses shall be charged by 700 Czk fee.

Event Director: Martin Schuster
Chief Referee: Jan Fiala, R1
Course Setter: Miroslav Hadač, R1

In writing together with a 200 Czk deposit to the hands of the Chief Referee within due dates set out in the Czech Orienteering Rules, under Article 26.1 in person, under Article 26.2 by post to: Velešovice 380, Zip Code 683 01, Post Rousínov, Czech Republic.

Information:; e-mail:

Rules: Competition organized under valid Czech Orienteering Rules, Competition Code of the Foot-O Section, Code of Practice to Orienteering Competitions, Foot-O Section & Competition Code of the Haná Region and its Code of Practice for 2016. This Schedule has been approved by the Competition Committee, Foot-O Section of the ČSOS.

Jan Fiala,  Martin Schuster
Chief Referree Event